Prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases Gdańsk

Until recently, periodontitis (periodontal disease) was mainly associated with elderly people. As statistics and research show, many young and even teenagers have problems with periodontal diseases – bleeding gums and loss of bone level.

01. What is periodontal disease?

The initial stages of the development of the disease often do not cause any concern of patients. They are concerned about the reddening and bleeding of the gums. As the disease progresses, bones and gums atrophy, which may cause teeth loosening and, in extreme cases, their loss.


02. How to prevent and treat periodontal disease?

Prevention plays a very important role. Regular removal of tartar every 6 months by a hygienist allows you to remove bacteria that cause inflammation.
If necessary, we implement appropriate treatment that limits the development of the disease and allows patients to enjoy their teeth as long as possible.


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