Minimally invasive treatment of caries.

The treatment of tooth decay involves the removal of cariously changed tissues and the reconstruction of the lost part of the tooth with the highest quality, aesthetic light-cured material.

01. Prevention

We believe that proper prophylaxis plays the most important role in limiting the development of caries. Proper oral hygiene, fluoridation and regular checkups in the office can limit the development of caries.
Thanks to proper prophylaxis and proper caries treatment, you can keep your own teeth and enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile for many years.


02. Caries and systemic diseases

Bacteria from the mouth enter the bloodstream, circulating throughout the body, they can cause diseases of distant organs: heart, kidneys, endocarditis, optic neuritis, hypertension, diabetes and others.


03. Caries treatment

Appropriate radiological diagnostics as well as control and treatment under the magnification of a dental microscope make it possible to detect all carious lesions in the oral cavity at an early stage. Correct, minimally invasive treatment of caries and the use of the best restorative materials as well as regular check-up visits in our clinic guarantee that our patients have the problem of caries to a minimum.


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