Implantology Gdańsk. A dental implant is the best solution to rebuild lost teeth!

A dental implant is a titanium screw inserted into the patient’s own bone. After the implant healing period (several months), a prosthetic reconstruction is performed on implants to reconstruct the dentition.

In some cases, we have the option of placing implants during tooth extraction. Our goal is to provide comfortable, effective and safe implant treatment.

02. Who is a dental implant for?

Implants are a suitable solution for people who expect a permanent and aesthetic reconstruction of missing teeth. The lack of an upper age limit for the implantation of the patient means that there is always the right moment to improve the quality of life.


03. Why implants in Sanodental Office?

We use dental implants only from renowned and recognized worldwide implant companies. Depending on individual needs and anatomical conditions, we use different types of implants.

The availability of several implantological systems allows you to select the appropriate elements and implant them in an optimal way, ensuring safety and high effectiveness of the procedure, regardless of the patient’s bone conditions.

We are always guided by Patients’ expectations regarding the future prosthetic reconstruction.


04. How we plan the implantological treatment?

We use the most modern Vatech computer tomograph to plan implantological treatment. Thanks to accurate diagnostics, we are able to determine the parameters of the bone in which the implant will be implanted and obtain the exact location of various anatomical structures, such as the alveolar nerve canal, the mental foramen, the bottom of the maxillary sinus and others. Exceptional precision is ensured by the use of individual implantological templates for each patient.


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