At Sanodental Office, each root canal treatment is carried out under the magnification of a dental microscope, which ensures perfect precision and minimizes the number of visits.

Microscopic endodontics (root canal treatment) consists in removing the infected, inflamed or dead pulp from the root canal system and then filling it with a biocompatible sealing material.

Another equally important stage of treatment is the permanent restoration of the tooth.

01. Materials and equipment used for treatment

In the Sanodental Office, root canal treatment is carried out only under the magnification of a dental microscope. Thanks to this, we can see the inside of the tooth even at several dozen magnification. Root canals are prepared with rotary machine tools from reputable companies, disinfected with rinsing agents and filled with plasticized gutta-percha, which guarantees a three-dimensional sealing of the canal system against bacterial access.

We control the course of treatment on an ongoing basis by taking spot X-ray or computed tomography images.


02. What does tooth reconstruction after root canal treatment look like?

Tooth after root canal treatment is weaker than a living tooth. Depending on the degree of damage to the crown of the treated tooth, appropriate reconstruction is recommended – composite reconstruction or porcelain crown. After the treatment, the doctor presents the patient with the available solutions and recommends the best in a given case.


03. Difficult cases are our specialty

We provide primary root canal treatment of teeth with difficult anatomy: obstruction – obliteration, strongly curved canals. We perform root canal retreatmenot of teeth with chronic periapical inflammatory lesions. We remove the broken tool from inside the root canals.


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