The prevention of our youngest patients is our priority.

We place great emphasis on adaptation visits as well as systematic checks and pain-free treatment. Contrary to some opinions that primary teeth do not require treatment, it is very important to effectively treat them so that they remain in the mouth of children as long as possible – until the natural replacement of the permanent dentition.

01. When should your child visit the dentist for the first time?

Dental care should begin in the first months of a child’s life. Thanks to this, we are able to check the development of the oral cavity, provide parents with the necessary information on proper hygiene when the first teeth appear. Together, we can limit the development of caries in the next years of a child’s life and reduce the costs of possible treatment.


02. What kind of treatment do we do?

We focus on the treatment of decay in primary teeth with modern and safe fillings. We also treat permanent teeth and diagnose mucosal diseases and malocclusions.


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