Modern dental treatment using a laser

The dental laser is used in many precise treatments in the office.

It has favorable photochemical and photobiological properties.

01. The use of a laser in dental surgery

cutting and incising soft tissues
cutting abscesses
removal of adenoma, epuloma, papilloma
gingival plastic surgery
stopping bleeding
removal of the frenulum of the lip and tongue


02. The use of laser in pain therapy

acute and chronic joint and muscle pain
supporting degenerative diseases of the temporomandibular joint
supporting degenerative diseases of the joints of the hands and wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck, carpal tunnel syndrome


03. Biomodulation

elimination of inflammation
treatment of pulp irritations and exposures
treatment of hypersensitivity
chronic inflammation of gums and periodontium
treatment of periprosthetic pressure ulcers
“dry socket” treatment
treatment of inflammation of the maxillary sinuses and others
treatment of trigeminal neuralgia
regeneration of damaged nerves
reconstruction of blood vessels


04. Photoactive disinfection

elimination of 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and fungi
disinfection of root canals
disinfection of gum pockets
treatment of advanced forms of periodontitis, inflammation of gums and periodontium
atrophic mucositis
treatment of canker sores and herpes


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